A short exert from ‘Anything You Want’ by Derek Sivers. Obvious to you, amazing to others.

It’s 1:54 minutes of inspiration nudging us to share our ideas, opinions and creativity, no matter how obvious it might seem to us – it could be amazing to others.


I take a great deal from this. I regularly overthink an idea or something potentially creative to the point I gets buried.

I shouldn’t.

Obviously some ideas won’t float but what if one thing does?

What if one idea shared helps some one or some thing some where?

Surely it’s better to put it out there? Surely to not, is selfish?

Happy New Year.

Not all efforts to create a sense of team need to be strategised, templated or workshopped. Sometimes, it’s the really, really simple things.

At ImpactBasis and Basis, we contribute and share a collaborative Spotify playlist. We get to enjoy each other’s diverse music tastes whilst going about our day as a dispersed team.

For me, this simple thing really helps me to feel connected to my colleagues. It’s on random in the background all day and regularly makes me look up to see who’s on and give kudos to some great music (especially from Max Goodall). It’s things like this that don’t need permission from ‘corporate’, just do it. Little things like this count.

What do you say no to, to reclaim your time and energy?

I’ve been dealing with what I can only describe as ‘simmering burnout’ recently.

The pot hasn’t boiled over but I’ve definitely had to turn the gas down over the past few weeks.

I was talking to someone recently…

Browsing my newsfeed, the title of an article ‘The comeback of corporate travel’ from a well-respected consultancy firm popped up.

I was dubious yet curious, so I read it.

After I was irritated and troubled.

TL;DR: The pandemic has been horrific, noted. Not everyone can work remotely, accepted. But, we’ve…

I’m not much of a gambler, but I’m happy to discuss a small wager on this.

OK, so here goes.

I’ve been saying this for months, but mixed reality is on its way for hybrid and remote teams — for dispersed organisations of all sizes.

Soon! Like really soon!

Here’s what I’m betting on.

In around 18 months, mixed reality platforms will be commonly used in…

Matt Barnaby

A person who likes to do great things with great people so that together, we can make a bit of a difference to the world

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